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Nuremberg Toy Museum
26. September 2014

From the advertising pillar to the museum

Nuremberg Toy Museum is world famous for its exhibits, which range from antiques to modern displays. However, it is not only these that reveal a great deal about the cultural history of a particular age, it is also the historical posters for toys and toy exhibitions. Yo.Yo found some especially delightful examples in the Toy Museum.
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Charming trio in Britain
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The British toy market is Europe's largest: very important, very quirky, very challenging. In 2009, the Simba Dickie Group set a trio of experts to work in Leeds. Their target: the UK. Their objective: conquest.

Playing is fun

Playing is always fun, and even more so in the summer, when children can romp around outside to their heart’s content. more ...

Bulgaria and Hungary

A success story: The activities of the Simba Dickie Group in Hungary, Bulgaria and other eastern European countries. more ...


Many fields today influence what children play and which focus areas develop in the toy industry. more ...


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