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03. November 2014

Little cars with a big reputation

Majorette is celebrating its 50th anniversary! The French brand for toy cars has been part of the Simba Dickie Group since 2010. Division Director Markus Hirsch gives us an insight into the past and present of Majorette.
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Charming trio in Britain
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The British toy market is Europe's largest: very important, very quirky, very challenging. In 2009, the Simba Dickie Group set a trio of experts to work in Leeds. Their target: the UK. Their objective: conquest.

Heros connecting blocks

Heros connecting blocks allow even small children to build sturdy, yet flexible structures. more ...

Nuremberg Toy Museum

Nuremberg Toy Museum is world famous for its exhibits, which range from antiques to modern displays. more ...

Playing is fun

Playing is always fun, and even more so in the summer, when children can romp around outside to their heart’s content. more ...


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